06 June 2009

First step integrating Roman Rokytskyy work.


  • Used other (generic) UI for connection

  • The full jdbc-URL must be used

  • Connection now uses two 'virtual' schemas, SYSTEM and USER, to separate system metadata (RDB$.. and MON$.. tables/views) from the usermetadata

  • Sequences (generators) are now visible

  • Selectable stored procedures are now grouped under stored procedures

  • Constraints are now shown


  • Untested

  • Only five stored procedures are shown

  • Numeric fields are not shown correctly in the 'edit'-view (context-menu on a table or view)

  • Stored procedure code is not correct (body usually is correct, but signature is wrong)

  • DDL for sequence/generators cannot be shown yet

  • Trigger code is not loaded

  • Dependencies are not shown

  • Some datatypes introduced in Firebird 2.1 might not work correctly

  • The option 'Sample contents' (context menu on a table or view) does not work