31 May 2009

First version based on Brian Fitzpatrick’s work.


  • Database version is 2.1, but it should work with most - if not all - Firebird versions

  • The connectionprofile wizard has a browse button (copied from the SQLite or Derby implementation): this doesn’t work correctly forfirebird and will be removed in a next version (see also next bullet)

  • Manually enter the 'Database location' as the string that would normally follow after the jdbc:firebirdsql:-part of the connection URL

  • Only rudimentary support for Firebird is available right now, so don’t expect too much

  • Specifying optional properties has not been tested yet

  • Stored Procedures are split among 'Stored Procedures' and 'User-Defined Functions'

  • User-Defined Functions are not shown

  • Stored Procedure definitions are not shown correctly

  • Sequences (generators) are not shown

  • Dependencies / constraints are not displayed