09 January 2023

We are happy to announce the first release of Jaybird 5.

Jaybird 5 is — from a JDBC perspective — an incremental change from Jaybird 4. However, internally, Jaybird underwent some major changes, the biggest was the removal of JCA (Java Connector Architecture) support.

The major changes and new features in Jaybird 5 are:

  • Java 7 support dropped

  • Java Connector Architecture (JCA) support removed

  • ChaCha wire protocol encryption support (Java 11 and higher only)

  • Changes to properties

  • Unification of database and service addressing

  • Changes to JDBC URL syntax

  • Removal of LOCAL protocol implementation

  • Stream blobs are now the default

  • New parser for generated keys handling (back-ported to Jaybird 4.0.8)

  • Firebird 4.0 server-side batch updates

  • Firebird 5.0 multi-row RETURNING support

  • Firebird Embedded locator service provider (experimental)

  • Table statistics of a connection (experimental)

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